Novia Saraswati Tue May 01 13:09:41 UTC 2018
Here is it! My next plan destination in the middle of June. I'd like to sailing Komodo Island, Indonesia for 4D3N. I want to meet "Komodo", it's the only dinosaur left on earth. Where are we going in 4D3N?? We are going to visits "Padar Island, Pink Beach, Rinca Island, Bat Island, Komodo Island, and many more". If you guys interested to join my trip, feel free to send me a messages for the further information! Thankyou and have a nice day☺️ #sky #vacation #tourism #trip #meetup #beach #islandlife #sailing #ocean #labuanbajo #lombok #lombokisland #indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #travello #recreation #islandstour #baliisland #indonesiatravel #bali #beachlife #beaches #komodo #komodoisland
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Novia Saraswati Sat May 05 06:45:40 UTC 2018
@หวันหวันเดชามีสุบ yup?
Sujo Joseph Valiyaparampil Sat May 05 06:04:43 UTC 2018
I’m in. Message me.
หวัน หวัน เดชา มีสุบ Fri May 04 16:49:22 UTC 2018
Novia Saraswati Fri May 04 02:34:30 UTC 2018
@DeenIbnuAbdullah around IDR3000k or USD230 for 4D3N, and this is the list of destination.. (Pulau means Island) 1. Pulau Kelor 2. Pulau manjarite 3. Snorkeling point manjarite 4. Pulau pempe 5. Pulau Kalong 6. Pulau Rinca 7. Pulau Sei 8. Snorkeling point Sei 9. Pulau Padar 10. Pantai Namong 11. Snorkeling point Namong 12. Komodo (Loh Liang) 13. Pink beach 14. Snorkeling point Pink beach 15. Gili lawa darat 16. Taka makasar 17. Snorkeling point taka makasar 18. Manta point 19. Pulau Kanawa 20. Snorkeling point Kanawa
Deen Ibnu Abdullah Fri May 04 02:18:07 UTC 2018
@NoviaSaraswati how much the cost?
Nithin Jith Thu May 03 15:30:52 UTC 2018
@OteYusufOtbalitour yes brother already i book ticket for november six to november 13
Novia Saraswati Thu May 03 14:35:12 UTC 2018
@PhongXuanTrinh its the one of around +17000 islands in Indonesia. Komodo island, google it😉😁
Phong Xuan Trinh Thu May 03 14:30:39 UTC 2018
where is komodo
Novia Saraswati Thu May 03 02:17:52 UTC 2018
@MichaelKa Hi Michael, glad that u interested to join my trip. Let's discuss on the messages!😄
Michael Ka Thu May 03 02:04:08 UTC 2018
@NoviaSaraswati I might be up for the trip. I have to be in Poland 1st week of June and then I’m free to roam the world.
Novia Saraswati Thu May 03 01:52:38 UTC 2018
@NithinJith not sure yet😄
Novia Saraswati Thu May 03 01:52:26 UTC 2018
@Halimkn04 Hi Halim, let's discuss on the messages! 😄
Ote Yusuf Otbalitour Thu May 03 01:45:44 UTC 2018
@NithinJith just come to Bali my Bro ⛱🌴
Halimkn04 Wed May 02 18:35:37 UTC 2018
Im Interest and can i join the trip...
Nithin Jith Wed May 02 17:44:03 UTC 2018
Novia do you have plan to bali on november
Novia Saraswati Tue May 01 23:31:07 UTC 2018
@MohamedIrshan feel free to join my trip😊
Novia Saraswati Tue May 01 23:30:52 UTC 2018
@TityBrizza yess around that, wanna join?😊
Tity Brizza Tue May 01 17:49:48 UTC 2018
After middle June?
Mohamed Irshan Tue May 01 16:40:51 UTC 2018
@NoviaSaraswati can I join?