Dominique -Duncan Thu Jan 04 02:30:19 UTC 2018
This is me on the Great Wall Of China in Beijing, It was an incredible year its hard to believe it ended so quickly. The past Summer of 2017 I had the oppertunity to travel to four different major places in China, and it was nothing less than breathtaking of course the 14 hour plane ride was quite the trip. It had been the first time I travelled out of the country I travelled to Beijing, Harbin, Hefei, and Hong Kong, they were all so stunning it would be hard to pick a favorite! Aisia has showed me that no mater what language we all speak if were willing to try then we will have a way to communicate. Cultures all around the world are so different a lot of people dont even understand until they see it for themselves. This trip had changed me for the better, it has made me more independant, I escaped my comfort zone every day I was there, and gained appreciation for how all these different cultures live, you cannot let your fears control you because if you do then they only set your limits to what you can achieve. I want to and will travel more because it fills my soul, while I was here I made many life long friends, and got to meet new people and do new exciting things every day I got to really see how it feels to live there not just see it from a tourists eyes. #bus #busabout #takemetoasia
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Srinath Dusmantha Thu Jan 04 02:45:19 UTC 2018