Nikki Thu May 31 04:51:02 UTC 2018
I have this great new appreciation for South Cebu. Where else in this country would you be able to bathe in a wok, with a whole lot of flowers, and the nicest, softest bath oil, facing the ocean?? In Fantasy Lodge, that's where! For php700 (day use fee of php200 plus kawa bath for php500), you get to have the most chill (although in a hot bath) afternoon while listening to the sound of the ocean, soaking all your gym calluses away 😆 Insider tip: If you don't want to be all oily for the rest of the day, bring soap to the bath area because there is a shower and you can wash a little of it off. Also, the bath is HOT so you might want to bring a glass or two of water down with you because service in this place is a little more DIY than others, if you know what I mean. Important note: CALL AHEAD. There are only 5 woks on the property (2 in one room, 3 in another) and it takes about an hour to get these baths ready. It wasn't a bad wait; there are hammocks and a sitting area on a terrace with padded benches and loungers and free wifi, so we kept ourselves entertained. But it's still a good idea to call the resort and give them a heads-up that you're coming. It's for everyone's benefit 😁 A question I was asked a lot: can you bathe nekkid? But of course! It's a private room, nobody is allowed in once your bath starts, and the oil might wreck your suit if you wear it in the bath. Bathe however you want ✌🏻 #FantasyLodge #KawaBath #Spa #Cebu #Philippines
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