Nikki Sat Jun 09 02:20:40 UTC 2018
What a stressful evening. After three itinerary changes due to flight delays and missed connections, I suddenly found myself in Korea for 8 hours insteas of in Hong Kong for just 2! What's a restless traveler to do?? Hop on a bus and go on a free tour, of course! They're pretty heavily advertised throughout Incheon Airport but just in case all the luxury retail shops distracted you from noticing the banners (I completely understand you there), the airport organizes free tours to different places, at different times, and with different tour durations. Just find what fits your transit time. For example, I got in at 6am, flying out at 2pm, so I did the 4-hour temple tour from 8am to 12nn. Is it 100% free? Not exactly. Some spots charge entrance fees which you can pay for in advance at the airport, using your credit card so you don't need to exchange money unless you plan on buying souvenirs. Do you need a Korean visa? So far I've done this transit tour thrice, and even we Filipinos who need visas everywhere can do the tour with only the visa of our final destination (in my case, USA and Schengen). So the next time you fly through Korea, resist the shopping and try one of these free tours out. Funny enough, I've never actually stayed in Korea, but I've seen quite a bit of Seoul just by doing these transit tours 😅
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Daniëlle Looije Sun Jun 10 18:36:51 UTC 2018
Really nice, thanks for sharing!
Ryan Hanly Sat Jun 09 03:18:02 UTC 2018
Great advice!