Maeh Bautista Wed May 09 11:08:37 UTC 2018
Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales. . There is no better way to escape the city heat than to head to the beach. After all, it’s better to bake yourself under the sun by the sound of the waves than with the honks of cars and jeepneys. So if you are itching to hit the ocean without having to go too far from Manila, Crystal Beach in Zambales is one of the nearest and sweetest beach escapes you can have! It features several bungalows, huts, stilt cottages perfect for group of friends and even families. But if your squad likes to rough it and be a little adventurous, they also have several campsites near the beach where you can pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. Also known as a good surfing spot especially for beginners. For only P400 per hour, you can already rent out a surf board and it comes with a rash guard and a Quicksilver Surf School instructor. Entrance fee at the resort is 900 pesos comes with buffet breakfast and tent for one πŸ˜… Happy Travels! 🍻 #travelingwithmyiphone #travel #beach #camping #ph #zambales #crystalbeachresort
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Taib Pama Thu May 10 13:18:08 UTC 2018
Maybe Solomon 😊
Han Han Gasal Wed May 09 14:22:41 UTC 2018
@MaehBautista maybe soon
Maeh Bautista Wed May 09 14:13:05 UTC 2018
@HanHanGasal you should visit the resort. :)
Han Han Gasal Wed May 09 13:57:58 UTC 2018
@MaehBautista wow nice place