Daniela López Zafra Fri May 18 03:23:20 UTC 2018
I have to say that New York is my favorite city in the United States, I can not wait to visit it although I will never get to know it completely. What is your favorite city? #travel #vacation #newyork #tourism #visiting #iphone #photography #glasses #travellolife #lifestyle #sky #metropolis #travello #trip
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henrydaeighth Sat May 19 13:30:09 UTC 2018
Sydney, Auckland, Edinburgh, Reykjavík, and on and on. Too many 😂
Muath Hamad Sat May 19 09:35:52 UTC 2018
I have been to many states one of them was New York I like country sides more than crazy cities I am going to spend my summer vacation in North Carolina
Elliot Fri May 18 11:21:20 UTC 2018
Montreal is beautiful and fun
Daniela López Zafra Fri May 18 03:33:04 UTC 2018
@YusiOktapiani thank you!! I would love to know Barcelona 😍
Daniela López Zafra Fri May 18 03:31:08 UTC 2018
@RobFriedrich It's on my list of places I'll be visiting soon. Thanks for the recommendation.
Yusi Oktapiani Fri May 18 03:29:12 UTC 2018
Nice pic! I like kusadasi, Montevideo,kotor and Barcelona. They are beautiful:)
Rob Friedrich Fri May 18 03:26:22 UTC 2018
Try san francisco...