Yurie Nhel Wed Dec 13 07:50:22 UTC 2017
Over the years of moving from one place to another, I came to the point when I agree with Henry Miller about the destinations I arrive upon. At first, it was all about getting to another place only to return with the same mind set. As the years go by, more places were discovered, more people were met, more perspectives were added. Travelling changes our views on different things so as 2017 ends, let's welcome 2018 with an optimistic attitude about how traveling could make us a better person than who we are in the past. Let's not travel merely to change out location but to get a piece of each place by taking the lessons we learned while we are there, whereever that is. #busabout #takemetoeurope
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Yurie Nhel Wed Dec 13 09:41:16 UTC 2017