MayPhat Wed Dec 13 07:39:47 UTC 2017
Hello Bangkok!! I’m lost!! Again and again and all the time But still love you anyway❤️ #WonderLand #MyHometown #Love
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Tina Chakma Wed Dec 13 16:12:26 UTC 2017
I have sent you messages on ig 😊 and following you already.
MayPhat Wed Dec 13 11:58:52 UTC 2017
You can always contact me on IG : mayphatnaree keep in touch and we will meet each other one day! :D
Tina Chakma Wed Dec 13 11:48:32 UTC 2017
Awww so kind 🙈😍 thank you so much and yes would like to get lost with you in BKK. Once I have plan I will let you know for sure. And you too if anytime come Dhaka just ping me on ;) I would be honoured 😊
MayPhat Wed Dec 13 11:08:18 UTC 2017
Pity!! But you can always come here and let me know. I would like to take care for you and exploring BKK together if you’re ready to get lose with me :)
Tina Chakma Wed Dec 13 11:03:59 UTC 2017
Never been there. Would like to visit one day. Wanted to visit on 31 December though but my bad luck got work 🙄☹️