Santos Rose Ann Fri Jun 23 11:03:30 UTC 2017
Welcome to amazing Maldives. It is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean. It was my second time to visit the country still the locals never fail to give there best smile and service. As we arrive in the airport the hotel attendant assist us in our way to the speedboat going to the hotel. We booked in Adaraan Prestige Vadoo for our 2night stay in Male. Tips when you're going to Maldives and factors to consider: 1. Budget - It's better to carry US Dollars in Male no need to change your money to maldivian rufiyaa. I can say that Maldives is more expensive than other countries. 2. Sometimes the shuttle fee is more expensive than per night in you hotel. 3. When you are booking your hotel always check how much is the shuttle service,tax,service charge and environmental fee. Minimum tax is 12%, 10% service charge and $6 usd enviromental fee per person /night. Shuttle service minimum is $ 100 usd person. Everything that you will buy or any service that you will avail in the hotel will be subject with tax and service charge. 4. Some of the booking website doesn't include the shuttle service fee, tax, service charge and environmental fee, so you will be surprise in the hotel if they will charge you more than your booking and you will feel you were cheated. In order to avoid those situation always read what's included and excluded in your booking. Even though staying in Maldives is expensive, I can say that it's all worth it. The best experience that we can treasure. Watch the full video on our Facebook page: JimRose Journey . Like our page thanks😊
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Ryan Hanly Fri Jun 23 11:46:29 UTC 2017
#maldives take me there!