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The grounding is over!!! But before I leave for Europe in 10 days, I snuck in one last Tour My Own Country #5: South Cebu Our best-known waterfall is Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu and it really is incredible, how milky-blue the water is. However; just about an hour away, in the town of Samboan is another set of waterfalls that is also worth visiting! I didn't get to see them all though, and I will focus on the one that was most fun for us: Aguinid Falls It's not as majestic as Matayupan in Barili, or as surreal as Kawasan. But it's also not as crowded, and you get to do a light trek that's similar to Badian canyoneering except.. not as strenuous πŸ˜… There is an entrance fee of php40 for locals, and php60 for tourists. (side note: my boyfriend is Welsh but since he's been in the country for a while and really made an effort to learn the local language, they let him in with the local rate πŸ˜†) You are required to have guides and it might seem a little unnecessary at first, but unlike Kawasan wherein you walk on what is pretty much a cement road to get to the falls, Aguinid is climbing 4 levels of the falls over rocks and ducking under others, and trying to not slip and fall on your butt 🀣 So don't fight the guides, give them your cameras, enjoy the trek, and don't forget to tip them after πŸ‘πŸ» #AguinidFalls #Waterfall #Cebu #Philippines #CoupleTravel #LittleMissLaagan
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Aguinid Falls
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