Jeremy Simpson Sun Jun 03 10:57:29 UTC 2018
Can anyone add trips to their profile? Mine won’t work!! Anyway I’m off to Denmark today for three weeks 🤙🏽
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Jeremy Simpson Sun Jun 03 12:32:59 UTC 2018
@RyanHanly cheers!! I go to add trip, location then arrival and departure. And won’t go anywhere from there.
Sergei Mihailov Sun Jun 03 12:06:37 UTC 2018
Ryan Hanly Sun Jun 03 11:32:49 UTC 2018
@JeremySimpson worked for me too- but we’ll check this out for you 👍🏼
Jeremy Simpson Sun Jun 03 11:13:57 UTC 2018
@TomAmenta nope still not working for me 🤔
Tom Amenta Sun Jun 03 11:11:31 UTC 2018
@JeremySimpson I just uploaded four of mine and Copenhagen is my next stop and it worked for me Brother