Ngọc Duyên Thu May 03 03:28:14 UTC 2018
Want to trip this trip too. Who wants to go with me hok? / -heart / -heart / -heart Feeling for the first time after the trip: The people are gentle, plain and extremely friendly. There are not many tourist destinations where people are happy to welcome you as in Phu Quy island, and you will soon realize this as soon as you step into the territory of the island. Many visitors who have visited the island have the same opinion that the people of Phu Quy island are very enthusiastic and kind, they can bring you peace of mind and many laughter. So do not be surprised when you are invited by a good citizen to drink water and share interesting stories on the island! P / S: with kind of good people, do not forget to have a present for you too : B: B: B
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