Annie3 Wed Jun 14 19:27:11 UTC 2017
Hi guys! I am planning a solo trip to Japan. I need suggestions about safety for a solo traveler woman, the weather on mid august/September, cities and places to visit. How many days should I stay? I was thinking 12/15 days to visit Tokyo,Kyoto and I don't know what else. I would like you to suggest me safe neighbors in Tokyo to choose the hotel. Thank you in advance!
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Nicca Wed Jun 14 22:38:43 UTC 2017
You can do little research about Shirakawa-go 😁
Miles 4 Wed Jun 14 20:24:32 UTC 2017
I'm planning to go there too, just not sure the dates , that time should be nice time to go and cherry blossom time I thinks! Japan is very safe and Tokyo and Kyoto are good place , there Mount Fuji and Sapporo too you can visit ,