Vanessa Ponce Fri May 18 23:47:35 UTC 2018
I just arrive to Zurich. Any suggest? :)
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Ian Gallagher Tue May 22 03:48:43 UTC 2018
@DonGillespey what’s a bluff
Gabi Faba Sat May 19 18:34:59 UTC 2018
go to the observatory in Lindenhof, nice stroll in the afternoon
Santosh Kumar Gaur Sat May 19 05:43:03 UTC 2018
@VanessaPonce hi I am also in Zurich and it is nice place to Rome around downtown
Don Gillespey Sat May 19 00:35:28 UTC 2018
@VanessaPonce take a strole through the old town, a boat cruise on the lake is amazing, go to zurich university and you will find a bluff with a great city view, go to one of the thermal spas at night, I also did a walking tour which was nice. If you have time a day trip to the swiss alps is unforgettable. Zurich is one of my favorite places!
ragnar lothbrok Fri May 18 23:50:24 UTC 2018
@VanessaPonce sure