Alice Pye Fri Dec 08 06:24:21 UTC 2017
Hey Travello friends! Want to see me showcase the Whitsundays? Well, VOTE for my video here 🙋🏼‍♀️🌏🌊🐬🧢
Hey guys! My name’s Alice and I live in my own little wanderlust-filled wonderland. Also known as Brisbane, QLD. I’m constantly craving road-trips, overseas escapes and venturesome local day-trips because to me, life is better filled with experiences than possessions. Apart from my cameras, they’re a possession exception right? I’ve had a camera in my hand for years now and it’s definitely hard to put it down! I’ve travelled to 31 countries and PLENTY of Australian locations, but the Whitsundays is one place I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing. So, I think I would be the BEST person to send there because my eyes are that of a blank canvas - everything I’d get to experience and capture up there would be filled with lots of dramatic excitement which would shine through all my footage! I think my strongest skill with my photography and videography is that I’m able to capture a place and reel in an audience of all ages. Don’t get me wrong, I thrive off being able to connect and influence my own generation, but when you start receiving interest about your trips from an older generation, you know you’ve done something right! I get so excited when I’m able to convince people to take the leap and travel (young and old) Yep, I create videos too! Every time I go on a trip, I create a travel video highlighting my experiences not just for my own personal memories, but for others to see just how great exploring is. When it comes to travel inspiration, I don’t think there’s possibly anything better than sitting down with a cup of coffee and watching travel videos of normal people, with normal jobs and money, lifting themselves out of their comfort zone and discovering the world! If you want someone with a pure zest for life, a love for connecting and socialising with people and an urge for adventure and experience, you’ll vote for me to showcase this gorgeous place we have here in Queensland, the Whitsundays.
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