Nadeepaws Wed Mar 01 03:12:04 UTC 2017
From my recent travels, this is by far the best place I've visited. We stumbled upon it, quite by accident when we were hiking down the Ramboda Falls. It's a secluded spot that was hidden from passing travellers who wouldn't have seen it had they been not looking for it. 😃 The harder the journey is, the more magical the destination becomes. It's off-road, through thickets if thorny dry bushes so we had to hike like Spiderman on pot, slanted on to the side of the mountain, but we made it! We could see why not many people were there! It was difficult to get to. The water was just right tooo! Bone chilling cold, but still lots of fun! 💓 Bucket list is to hunt for as many secluded waterfalls as we can possibly find. 🍃
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