Rachel Marie Tue Jan 09 22:40:24 UTC 2018
#firstpost 2017! It was a hell of a year. I can’t even describe the experiences that I had because you have to experience it yourself. I want you to experience this first hand! This shot was taken on top of a hill in Malibu, after I completed working at a summer camp up in Maine. How I got to this hill? I stayed at the cheapest hostel I could find, thought it was a mistake, turned out to be the most amazing thing that happened to me. I met some locals, a canadian, a new yorker, and more from different parts of the world. We were bored one day and decided to rent a Jeep for the day and had a spontaneous roadtrip to Malibu ❗️That was my American highlight. California, I will be back for you 🔥
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Rachel Marie Tue Jan 09 22:42:17 UTC 2018
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