Amelia G. Alvarez Wed May 02 07:14:57 UTC 2018
That’s my dad’s name: Bert short for Lamberto! I miss him but I am pretty sure, he’s proud of me as I turned up as a productive global citizen 😊 Thanks for everything and when my time comes, I hope I fulfilled all of my dreams and I see you in heaven 😊
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Amelia G. Alvarez Thu May 03 07:39:21 UTC 2018
@SheLeftTown thanks, darling x have a lovely day 😊
SheLeftTown Thu May 03 01:51:10 UTC 2018
Awww.. i'm sorry to hear about your father dear. I am sure he is happy and proud. By the way, I love your dress Amelia! ❤️😊