Elliot Tue Jun 05 13:54:07 UTC 2018
Miami Beach here I come #viewfrommywindow
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Lam Anh Wed Jun 13 12:58:30 UTC 2018
Lam Anh Wed Jun 13 12:58:23 UTC 2018
Wow nice
Brendan McElroy Tue Jun 05 21:16:56 UTC 2018
@Elliot haha as long as Mr Trump sorts me a green card
Elliot Tue Jun 05 21:16:08 UTC 2018
@BrendanMcElroy let me know when you do 🤓🏖
Brendan McElroy Tue Jun 05 21:13:21 UTC 2018
@Elliot I am going to buy a wee retirement home in Key West and just chill lol
Elliot Tue Jun 05 21:12:14 UTC 2018
@BrendanMcElroy lol Miami/South Florida is my happy chill space
Brendan McElroy Tue Jun 05 21:09:46 UTC 2018
@Elliot aww Miami some spot, I remember flying in after a 9 hour flight from London in the middle of a thunderstorm, must have known I was coming because it was great after that lol
Elliot Tue Jun 05 19:20:37 UTC 2018
@JodieO'DonnellBurden nice! Only here for like 12hrs lol otherwise would’ve been cool to meet up
Elliot Tue Jun 05 19:20:11 UTC 2018
@deedy💋 yes exactly, lol only here for the day don’t even have time to enjoy but the heat is awesome:)
Jodie O'Donnell Burden Tue Jun 05 19:11:57 UTC 2018
I’m back in Miami in three days!
deedy💋 Tue Jun 05 18:16:53 UTC 2018
@Elliot the job! (Sigh) 😁 I hope you actually have time to explore Miami
Elliot Tue Jun 05 16:11:07 UTC 2018
@ragnarlothbrok thx it is man
ragnar lothbrok Tue Jun 05 15:23:26 UTC 2018
@Elliot amazing