MI Travelust 💫 Thu May 31 20:05:13 UTC 2018
G’day everyone! I’m new to this platform and so far I am loving it. I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Mel and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently a fulltime student and mostly a solo traveller when I can. This year I’m hoping to get around most of Asia, I have upcoming trips booked for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Bali in July. I would love to meet new people and engage in culture as deeply as I can. Happy travelling 💫
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Ayub Khan Wed Jun 06 06:36:24 UTC 2018
Mukhtar Muhammad Tue Jun 05 23:05:52 UTC 2018
Welcome to Malaysia Ml .I recommend to visit langkawi island and penang island beautiful places you will love the place last 2 weeks I had been there.
Gaurav Sharma Mon Jun 04 08:49:12 UTC 2018
@MITravelust💫 are you planning to come to India if you are planning let me know show you many exciting palace
Liz N Andrew Cronk Sun Jun 03 06:58:52 UTC 2018
Welcome and I look forward to seeing your adventures.
Nishant Samant Sun Jun 03 03:24:33 UTC 2018
@MITravelust💫 hearty welcome
Abdulla Ali Sat Jun 02 19:27:43 UTC 2018
@LbyEliz hi
Muhd Hadi Sat Jun 02 17:27:47 UTC 2018
Cool.. Come to malaysia and visit beautiful and historic place... Huhu
Nay Chi Sat Jun 02 08:36:42 UTC 2018
@MITravelust💫 Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa island are a must see in Singapore, as well as Chinatown if you like heritage. I love my holidays in Australia, especially Perth and Melbourne. The great ocean road trip was by far the best road trip I’ve taken. Do you have any recommendations for more places to sightsee in Aussie ? I’ve been to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra and I’m always up for visiting new sights each time I go
Abdulla Ali Sat Jun 02 07:50:27 UTC 2018
Rekha Gnanaeswaran Sat Jun 02 07:47:01 UTC 2018
@MITravelust💫 hi to buzz me when u visit malaysia n singapore.
Cool Nasur Sat Jun 02 07:23:05 UTC 2018
Cool Nasur Sat Jun 02 07:22:57 UTC 2018
Welcome 🙏 Hi I’m Nasur from Srilanka , hp you ll visit the pearl of Indian Ocean my country Srilanka
Abdulla Ali Sat Jun 02 05:07:29 UTC 2018
Come Maldives
Lby Eliz Sat Jun 02 05:04:37 UTC 2018
Hihi I’m a Malaysian but study in sg! I’ve been to quite some places and I think we can share the places we visited too ❤️ Enjoy your trip anyway!
Abdulla Ali Sat Jun 02 04:09:50 UTC 2018
You need to come Maldives call me
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 11:07:37 UTC 2018
@BeckyJulia oooh Uganda is on my bucket list too, hope to visit your beautiful country soon ✨
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 11:06:19 UTC 2018
@Cath. Yayy! Can’t wait to see Bali for the first time as well, will definitely keep you updated on my journey, I’ll have a link to my IG on my profile soon so you can follow there also if you want :)
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 11:05:09 UTC 2018
@SamiaSalamanca hey girl! Thank you, I’ll let you know i was actually in Brisbane a couple months ago! I’d kill for some sunshine right now. Melbourne is dreadful 😂
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 11:03:53 UTC 2018
@JamiePaddock thank you! And welcome to Australia, just read up on your profile mate! I think what your doing takes balls! Haha. That’s so cool! I’m glad that you loved Melbourne, it’s a magical city! You’ve probably seen more of my own country than I have 😂 best wishes for the rest of your journey, can’t wait to follow along and see where the rest of your journey leads to.
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 11:00:24 UTC 2018
@YudhaGusti thank you! ✨
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 11:00:06 UTC 2018
@harrisjubb I’ll let you know how it goes! I’m really excited about it even thought it’ll only be a couple days I get to spend in some of the cities. Looking forward to Bali, an Aussie travellers must see! 😉
Becky Julia Fri Jun 01 09:04:34 UTC 2018
Welcome to Uganda Mel the Pearl of Africa
Cath. Fri Jun 01 08:34:59 UTC 2018
Heading to Bali in December so would love to hear about your trip!
Samia Salamanca Fri Jun 01 08:11:25 UTC 2018
Welcome 😁. If you come to Brisbane let me know
Jamie Paddock Fri Jun 01 07:19:30 UTC 2018
I'm new too! Welcome 😀 I absolutely love Melbourne!!
Yudha Gusti Fri Jun 01 05:36:57 UTC 2018
Welcome 🙏🏻
harrisjubb Fri Jun 01 04:55:16 UTC 2018
Nice! Haven't been to Malaysia or Bali. Sounds fun!
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 03:22:09 UTC 2018
@MunenderSinghMehta Thank you Munender! It’s such a great community for travellers. I can’t wait to visit India when I get the time too.
Munender Singh Mehta Fri Jun 01 03:15:39 UTC 2018
@MITravelust💫 welcome to travello family & India too
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 02:35:58 UTC 2018
@KarthikReddy yes, India is on my bucket list for sure! Soon, hopefully!
Karthik Reddy Fri Jun 01 01:54:51 UTC 2018
Try in India😊
MI Travelust 💫 Fri Jun 01 00:47:17 UTC 2018
@murtazakhaliqi5 thank you, so excited to be in your beautiful country!
murtazakhaliqi5 Thu May 31 21:05:15 UTC 2018
Hi Mel welcome to Malaysia