Fra Nk Thu Jan 04 09:02:28 UTC 2018
My picture of 2017 is not a building, not a sunset, not a viewpoint... It captures people. It captures a moment. It captures a feeling. Myanmar, April 2017: Poverty & Happiness, Difference & Acceptance, Greatfulness, Humanity, Life! Those children living in wooden houses in a little village near Dawei have been so happy when seeing a foreigner, waving, screaming 'mingalaba' (hello) and throwing hand kisses! It also shows that if you respect different cultures and try to integrate by adopting to customs and rules (sometimes just little things such as using thanaka to cover your face), people are more than willing to give respect and friendliness back to you... even if they have nothing to give, they give you everything! The only country I have been and thinking of visiting it a second time - Probably in 2018. For moments like that: Meeting people and cultures as they are... #busabout #takemetoeurope [Oosunlaseii gooadee] - May you be happy!
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Fra Nk Sat Jan 06 02:48:51 UTC 2018
I did! Best time of my life :-)
Evelyn Cho Thu Jan 04 10:58:38 UTC 2018
I hope you enjoyed your stay in Myanmar