Barat ƏlizadΙ™ Mon Apr 16 17:23:25 UTC 2018
πŸ’­ Success is not the absence of fear in man. Despite fear, the ability to move forward! 😊 πŸ“ One of the questions I've been asked is how much I am so strong and strong. I could not figure this out as a goal, and I could not figure it out that I could not sleep because I could not do it, and how I could shape myself to be so powerful. I would like to say a little about the quality, or the way you can shape this beautiful feeling if you can say so! 😊 ✏ In one of the past visits, one lady stressed that I fought with myself. I joined him, he was right. Because after a while people leave the competition with others. He begins to compete with him. And, competing with one another makes it a little more powerful than others. And, only in this way, it gets power, it starts working more. Inside me, every man lies lazy. I have not denied this! I also have the cowardice and courage in every human being. Every person has a lot of irony and indifference. But, as I read from a book, a wise saying, "It's not the essence of all that's happening, but the fact that, despite all of this, it's just as if you did not do it!" Whenever I feel a sense of fear and uncertainty, I get a chance to move into doubtless seeds. When I have trouble waking up in the morning, I try to do something to keep awake. For example, I decide to be strong enough to get into the cold water to wake up in the morning. When I move slowly, I plan my whole day to get all the work done. I spend about 1 hour a day planning, while others spend an hour just for lunch. I write everything, and I give them a specific time and I follow them on time. Because I choose not to be scared! βœ’ So, all that I count on is everybody, and it will continue for a lifetime. I fight! You will fight. You must fight! When you wake up one day, you will not be able to awake for 2 days. One day you feel dizzy, the other day your head will turn. Until you find the right way to wake up. Or, you'll be so scared that until you realize your strength. When you realize your strength, the fear you feel is not the same as the bridge you think you can pass. If you believe that you will pass through that bridge, fear of passing will not scare you because you will know that you will pass. That's the secret of success! 😊 ------------------------------- πŸ†Ž Alizade Barat Hamlet oghlu 🌐 Interforce Tourism Company πŸ’Ό Tradesman, Founder and CEO βœ’ Facebook: Barat Alizadeh ✏ Instagram: barat_alizadeh_official πŸ“© Email: #success #leader #motivation #baratalizadeh #interforce #tourism #company #director #owner #happyday #dayroutines
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