Luuk Schuilwerve Tue May 15 19:05:34 UTC 2018
Come with me on a crazy FREE hiking/biking adventure through France!! My biggest passions are nature and wildlife, I'm a little weird and I take on every adventure that crosses my path.  I will  start biking 01/07/18 and my journey will end at 01/09/18.  Come join me!!! Lets hang out and drink a beer, Have a laugh. Always in for meeting new people and having a great time. Contact me for your help of ideas. I'm still looking for places to check out and to explore  Everybody can join!!!! I realy don't  all locations where I will be, SEE BELOW ⬇⬇⬇ E-mail.        - Instragram - dutchguyexploring Facebook   - luuk schuilwerve My name is luuk schuilwerve, 21 years old. I'm a amateur adventurer, a real nature lover and adrenaline junkie from the netherlands.  this summer i want to travel by bike from the Netherlands all the way to the Vosges mountains in France. I wanna go very low budget with wildcamping and eating cheap food. My plans are to go hiking, climbing and cycling. I wanna  sleep under the stars for months. Its gonna be one week of cycling to reach the Voges so im gonna set up camp for a day in the Ardennes forest as well. When i reached the Vosges mountains, I'M gonna hide my bike and travel further by feet. For the next few weeks I will hike across the mountains and climb the 1200m highest summit: the Grand Ballon. After 2 or 3 weeks I might cycle further to the Alps but i'm tot sure yet. Places where I will be: the Netherlands - Maastricht Belgium.           -Luik, Ciney, Dinant, Croix Scaille France.                        -Givet, Revin,  Charleville-Méziéres, Sedan, mouzon, Verdun, Metz, Nancy, Lunéville, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, Épinal, Grand Ballon. Live in the moment :)
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