Roseilla Nora Tue May 01 12:26:45 UTC 2018
Well, just few days i joined this application and found those message...😑
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Roseilla Nora Tue May 01 23:56:53 UTC 2018
@GraceLelis i am not sure scam or not but absolutely annoying
Nene Grace H Mallorca Tue May 01 13:48:09 UTC 2018
I received also that 3 times i just ignore and delete
Novia Saraswati Tue May 01 13:14:05 UTC 2018
@GraceLelis Im not sure, but when i open the link, its an application on appstore
Grace Lelis Tue May 01 13:11:24 UTC 2018
I received this from someone too. Do you think it's a scam or something?
Novia Saraswati Tue May 01 13:10:28 UTC 2018
i got those kind of message too
Mitja Drame Tue May 01 12:53:31 UTC 2018
The same. Just received one.
Auryte Grendelyte Tue May 01 12:50:57 UTC 2018
Ohhhh not nice not nice... 👎👎