sharie86 Sun Nov 12 16:40:08 UTC 2017
It has been a while since I saw you The eyes that sparkle And the teeth that twinkle For a short while We had deep conversation But I guess we are not both ready To love unconditionally Maybe our paths have met And our eyes has been set I do not know what lies ahead But I am glad To know a beautiful soul instead I am not the type of girl who makes move Because I know by heart that if you really like me Angels will whisper from above And actions will just hit like a dove But just allow me to miss you I will not do anything Bro For now it is better off this way No attachments, no disappointments Let us just go with the flow Soon what is real will blow Time will unravel its own show Let us live our life to the fullest And if we are meant to be Then our paths will cross again I am letting go Cause I know we need to grow Still Missing you….. Miss anyone in your life?
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