NoCantFant Sat Feb 25 14:04:27 UTC 2017
*The Sam and Lucy Mackey House*📸🇺🇸"The only home built in the 1920's that still stands in what was a thriving area of the black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma." In 1921 the Tulsa Race Riot destroyed a thriving black community over propaganda! Over 300 people were killed in this race riot and is also known as the first air attack on American soil (by our own). Still till this day many people don't know about this event at Greenwood district, also known as "The Black Wall Street." Don't let Propaganda (Fake or Misleading News Stories) once again have us destroying each other. Divide and Conquer has always been their plan but we are ONE! #NoCantFant #Something4thepeople
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NoCantFant Wed Mar 01 16:04:56 UTC 2017
The reason I enjoyed my experience here is because we all have room to grow and that is what makes life worth living!