Sydney Furio Thu Jan 04 01:09:51 UTC 2018
You know your travel is worth it when the scene in front of you brings you to tears. And this trip in Iceland has taught me that the Earth is not going to be the same every year. This exact spot where I am standing Might not even exist 5 years from now. The sad truth: Glaciers will melt, ice caps will decrease, ocean levels will rise, lava fields will be gone and trees will be lifeless. Travelling isn't only about counting countries or ticking bucketlists. It's about finding purpose, seeing the unseen, and learning what you can do to become a better Human being. So, this year 2018, I won't just live for moments, I will fight for them. I will explore, learn, inspire, value, write and share my stories as I Travel from one place to another. After all, the scene in front of me...this might all be gone tomorrow. #busabout #takemetoeurope
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