My Trip My Adventure (Bali) Tue Apr 11 01:58:02 UTC 2017
My Trip My Adventure @nusa ceningan Bali
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My Trip My Adventure (Bali) Thu Apr 13 05:31:07 UTC 2017
Wow.... Bali is like ur second home lol... okay take ur best time and welcome back 😂
scarletgarcia Thu Apr 13 05:23:43 UTC 2017
I know Nusa Ceningan...hope i can come there this year. I often come Bali every year. Last year i came Bali 3times in a year :)
My Trip My Adventure (Bali) Thu Apr 13 00:38:38 UTC 2017
It's in nusa ceningan, beside Nusa lembongan, part of Bali island 🌴
scarletgarcia Tue Apr 11 08:46:51 UTC 2017
Where is it? It is soooo stunning beauty