Nathy Bastos Thu Jan 04 16:55:34 UTC 2018
This is my city in Brazil, a sea of mountains! I believe that traveling is not just go to a diferent country, but see the beauty of our own place. I change the route I make, change the side of the street, the way, I take a trip in my neighbohood, I learn a new world everyday, I choose diferent places to go, I make new friends. I see the world in a new perspective and take a trip insisde myself, having inspirations and being happy everyday! 🇧🇷 #busabout #takemetoasia #mountain #sky #tourism #landscape #minasgerais #brazil
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Khuram Sajjad Thu Jan 04 17:38:02 UTC 2018
Yes Brazil's it's very beautiful
Rob Friedrich Thu Jan 04 17:32:20 UTC 2018
I must see!