Alexandra Mae Tue Jun 20 07:37:18 UTC 2017
First. Jump. Ever. (anywhere, but this was in St. Maarten) - Captain A: "easy, just jump straight down and point your toes!" [jumps too quickly for me to monitor his form] - Captain B: "ok, just be careful to jump far out enough so you don't land on the rocks." {Inner turmoil starting to take root. Wait, what?! Ok out straight rocks toes...} Something came over me and I didn't let myself think any more about it. I held tightly to myself, took the leap, and let the ocean swallow me up. Mid-air I thought nothing of form or risk, just that I was just jumping closer to my friends. They say salt water heals just about everything. Tears, sweat, the buoyant ocean that propelled me back up to the surface without a rock scratch on me! #cautiouslycourageous #riskybusiness 📸
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