christyhandel Thu May 11 18:54:34 UTC 2017
Hey! My friends and I want to visit the Milford Sound May 28. After digging through some threads on TripAdvisor, I found that the coach-cruise-fly is the best option in case of a cancelled flight because coaches tend to always run! I also found that coach-cruise-coach is also a smart option, because sometimes people can find standby flights back to Queenstown from Milford for cheaper than the pre-booked flight. We definitely want to see Queenstown, Milford Sound, and everything in-between from above, so the coach-cruise-flight option is our best option (I would assume) as it's a weather-permitting guaranteed flight. What do you think? Spend the extra bucks on a coach-cruise-fly option or test our luck on standby flights? Also, if anyone's ever had any tour company experience let me know which one you recommend!
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Michael Coultas Fri May 12 20:09:57 UTC 2017
Weather will be the big question. To drive into Milford is amazing Through the Holleyfield