Maja Drvenkar Tue Jan 09 14:22:35 UTC 2018
This post is about my favorite city and the city because of which I started to love travelling, Rotterdam. Until then, I hated travelling. I didn't want to travel anywhere because it wasn't the place I wanted. Until then, every trip was awful and agonizing for me. After spending 7 days in Rotterdam in 2017. I was the happiest girl alive because all my dreams came true. I also realized that's not important where you go but that you see the world and see something different from your own country. I am only 18 now, but I have seen places many people dream about. Some of my favourite trips were to Graz, Budapest, Rome and Amsterdam. So, with Rotterdam started my new life. The life of travelling and enjoying life as it is. With that trip I fulfilled my childhood dream and changed the way of thinking about travelling. This pic inspires me to travel more in 2018. because it's my favorite pic I took in Rotterdam and it always reminds me that dreams do come true. Maybe now it's time for trying something completely new. #takemetoasia #busabout
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Jeremy Seagull Tue Jan 09 19:33:26 UTC 2018