Barat ƏlizadΙ™ Tue May 15 10:24:24 UTC 2018
πŸ’­ "Remember to forget, let your past remain with you forever!" 😊 πŸ“ Some people think that they can not change because of a lot of slaughter in the past. But, as I lived, I learned that every story we have is a tool for us to create a new "MEN"! 😊 ✏ Nothing that happens to us is not a coincidence. We have been living because we are separated from anyone, we have to break it, or if someone has broken or broken us. And in my opinion, "If you come back to the past once more, will you live the same things again?" - The person who says 'yes' without thinking about it may be worthy of the future. Is it not dangerous to try to get rid of the past if human nature is so close to its past? Whatever comes before us, everything depends on the value we give them. In my opinion, human beings can not forget. A person, a thing, a feeling - whatever happens, if you have a bad trail, you just have to accept it. It is the ability to do Thanksgiving for those events, to the great people. βœ’ It is impossible to forget new things! I want to say that it does not take a lifetime to forget a person, a thing, a feeling. But it can be learned to live with it, to approach it as an experience and to be happy again. Do not try to forget the past! It is your part. He is your life. Just learn to live with him. When you are convinced that you can accept it comfortably, the next beauty will be an opportunity. Do not miss this opportunity! Maybe this opportunity would come out more quickly. But your commitment to the past has hindered it. Now, there is a new life in front of you. Perhaps, with the more beautiful people, to live in a more intelligent and more wise way. To love more, and to be loved more than your favorite. Remember, you can spend the time you want to forget your past and build your future. MasΔ±na Do not allow your past to enter your new life. If you can not forget, forgive him and try to live without him. And, whatever it is, take it with great joy. Because, even if you do not accept life, it only brings out what you need! And some of them are for you to strengthen, and some of them to be lifelong! 😊 ------------------------------- πŸ†Ž Alizade Barat Hamlet oghlu 🌐 Interforce Tourism Company πŸ’Ό Tradesman, Founder and CEO βœ’ Facebook: Barat Alizadeh ✏ Instagram: @barat_alizadeh_official πŸ“© Email: #baratalizadeh #lider #motivation # success # development #interforce #turizm # company #direktor #ceo # habit
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