Cessy Adventures Tue Feb 13 04:59:04 UTC 2018
Be brave. Take risk. Nothing can substitute experience 🗻🗻🏃🏃 #TrailHangover Bravehearts 2018 is much tougher compare last year.Steep Assaults are much enjoyable 😂 and remarkable (literal na remarkable dahil sa sugat na natamo 😂). There are some rope segments too along the trails. Just hold on tight and keep running downward 😂😂😀 . To sum it all... its really a sweet revenge for us (Jd and Me) as we successfully finished the trail with new PR. 🤓🤓🤓 The Summit offers a great panoramic view. Perfect gift for your effort... #Busabout #Takemetoasia #Mountains #TrailRunning
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Kim A. Sjurseth Tue Feb 13 05:23:39 UTC 2018