Silviana Chelsea Tue Apr 17 16:50:54 UTC 2018
Who want traveling in Bali i will help you for Arround bali
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Ak Khan Fri Apr 20 07:22:31 UTC 2018
@SilvianaChelsea hi
ragnar lothbrok Wed Apr 18 10:51:51 UTC 2018
Nice one
Rohit Singhania Singhania Wed Apr 18 09:04:10 UTC 2018
Rohit Singhania Singhania Wed Apr 18 09:03:44 UTC 2018
@SilvianaChelsea hii.
Halimkn04 Wed Apr 18 02:50:07 UTC 2018
Hi @SilvianaChelsea how long plan in bali? Iwill be traveling to bali end of april..
Cool Nasur Tue Apr 17 23:39:11 UTC 2018
Can I have your what app number @SilvianaChelsea thank you
Cool Nasur Tue Apr 17 23:38:16 UTC 2018
Can you guid me at kuta Lombok for 2days Iโ€™m at Gili Trawangan you can join here and letโ€™s go to kuta Lombok @SilvianaChelsea you can come Gili Trawangan from Bali by boat what you think about it
Deen Ibnu Abdullah Tue Apr 17 22:41:08 UTC 2018
@SilvianaChelsea will inform u
Firdous Jamal Tue Apr 17 17:26:00 UTC 2018
@SilvianaChelsea hy
Kiran Sharma Tue Apr 17 17:23:06 UTC 2018
It is as same as Nepal. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜