Kubilay Dogan Fri Oct 13 06:13:39 UTC 2017
Glapsides Beach - Northern Cyprus, Famagusta Cyprus is a country I hold close to my heart. Sadly divided in half in 1974. Northern side Turkish Cypriot and Southern Greek Cypriot. As the north is only recognised by Turkey, it hasn't had much money of foreign investment. Which for us as travellers is amazing as we get to see the untouched and unspoilt part of Cyprus. As a Cypriot myself, I would recommend visiting Cyprus and putting the North as your priority. It has the best of everything and very cheap and it's currency is Turkish Lira. Any tips of advance let me know! Cool fact - Hellim/Halloumi cheese is a Cypriot cheese, only made in Cyprus. " see the world for yourself and not through other people's eyes " #travellolife o #story #travellolife #ineedadrone
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Ryan Hanly Fri Oct 13 12:05:27 UTC 2017
Awesome shot 👊🏽