missliu Wed May 09 00:56:19 UTC 2018
Any recommendation which area is the best to stay in Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka? Pls advise. Thanks
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missliu Tue May 22 16:10:59 UTC 2018
@laurenwatson96 ah well noted. Thanks a lot for the info! Much appreciated. I just found ur comments hehe
laurenwatson96 Fri May 11 05:28:45 UTC 2018
Also in Osaka, it’s the same situation, but I would suggest near the castle, it’s a lot quieter than dotonbori area
laurenwatson96 Fri May 11 05:28:11 UTC 2018
You can pretty much stay anywhere in Tokyo because the public transport is so good. A tip I would give is to pick accommodation near a station that has only one or two train lines because it makes it easier to leave the station. If you stay near Shinjuku/Shibuya station they have 100s of exits so pick somewhere near a smaller station because you can get everywhere in Tokyo on the train