Apple Fernandez Wed Dec 13 15:46:47 UTC 2017
In this picture I was heading inside the Tatev Monastery. It is a 9th century historical monument, a pearl of Armenian architecture, one of the oldest spiritual centers and largest university of medieval Armenia. What’s more interesting is in order to get to this monastery, you will have to get in the Tatev Wings and it is the Guinness book of world records holder as the longest non-stop reversible aerial tramway. Being able to see and witness a beautiful place like this not to mention the history behind it makes me wanna explore more of the world’s oldest heritages. I just had the chance to visit this place last week and I want to travel again and hopefully Travello will #takemetoeurope come 2018 as it has always been my dream to visit Europe. #busabout ❤️🙏🏻
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Apple Fernandez Wed Dec 20 18:17:34 UTC 2017
Thank you!
Moazam Ali Mon Dec 18 07:54:00 UTC 2017
Suz Sun Dec 17 09:06:42 UTC 2017
In Armenia there are a lot of sightseeing places and historical monuments, churches, we are happy to accept people from abroad.. Welcome !!!
md shopen Sun Dec 17 06:23:40 UTC 2017
Apple Fernandez Sat Dec 16 19:40:31 UTC 2017
in God’s time @SanjayaSamarakoon
Sanjaya Samarakoon Sat Dec 16 13:15:08 UTC 2017
Visit srilanka
Alhadi Jaafar Sat Dec 16 07:05:44 UTC 2017
i hope you nice time
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Thank you!
Nepal hiking Fri Dec 15 00:47:38 UTC 2017
Great scenery