Samia Salamanca Wed May 17 23:53:47 UTC 2017
Life of an International Student during assessment weeks means sleeping like 3 hours per day. Is anyone as tired as me? My brain is shutting down slowly
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MiRza Sat Jun 24 15:33:50 UTC 2017
Eid time so i am free 👻
Samia Salamanca Sat May 27 12:29:06 UTC 2017
Best of luck for you too guys. Hang in there
Olumide Samuel Olowe Sat May 27 11:29:34 UTC 2017
Thesis proposal in few days
Latif Syr Fri May 26 08:26:40 UTC 2017
The same here. Finals week is just so intense. Best of luck!
Samia Salamanca Thu May 18 15:16:18 UTC 2017
No doubt of that @Ryan Hanly. Specially if there is some travelling involved
Ryan Hanly Thu May 18 00:34:25 UTC 2017
It will be worth it!