Hifza Jamil Mon Jul 24 23:00:18 UTC 2017
Those who have messaged me so sorry won't be able to reply coz i am in turkey istanbul....
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barbaros Tue Jul 25 04:26:46 UTC 2017
I sent can you check ?
Hifza Jamil Tue Jul 25 04:26:11 UTC 2017
Sure thing
barbaros Tue Jul 25 04:25:47 UTC 2017
Ok i can send you my number to your inbox
Hifza Jamil Tue Jul 25 04:25:01 UTC 2017
But I am leaving istanbul today and going cappadocia but will come back to istanbul for more two days so we can meet up
Hifza Jamil Tue Jul 25 04:24:08 UTC 2017
Yeah sure we can
barbaros Tue Jul 25 02:16:15 UTC 2017
Would you like to meet ?