deedy💋 Thu Jun 07 17:58:37 UTC 2018
On a day like this last year, i was having mojitos for lunch at the Largo Bar & grill, Bayside Marketplace in Miami, FL 😎 good times indeed.
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deedy💋 Thu Jun 07 19:33:35 UTC 2018
@Elliot sure thing!
Elliot Thu Jun 07 19:27:54 UTC 2018
@deedy💋 lol and Le episode three and four ... I’m always travelling there so let me know when you do
deedy💋 Thu Jun 07 19:24:22 UTC 2018
@Elliot no actually it’s a place I wouldn’t mind returning to for Le episode 2 😁
Elliot Thu Jun 07 19:20:20 UTC 2018
@deedy💋 can never have way too good memories can we 😊
deedy💋 Thu Jun 07 19:19:25 UTC 2018
@Elliot absolutely! Collected some awesome memories, it was way too good 🐬
Elliot Thu Jun 07 18:45:53 UTC 2018
@deedy💋 love me some Miami always a wonderful place to spend time in, one of my favs