Jess Fri May 11 18:07:24 UTC 2018
Ciao a tutti! Come stai? Been working nonstop the past weeks and I am hoping that I will be a able to have a peaceful weekend; no calls, and no emails to answer. This time, I have decided not to travel this weekend even if it's a holiday on Monday for the local election here in PH. As much as I love to travel, I sometimes find contentment in silence especially after long days with busy schedules. This time I will travel back. Travel back in England during the 1850's with David Copperfield. Though I have been there many times, it is still fascinating to go back with the people that you've known. I may sound a bit crazy but my love of traveling and exploring began with reading books. I cannot afford to travel when I was younger but I have been to many places at different times through books. I have met countless characters that taught me so much in life. I have learned a great deal with authors that I have never met but became my friends growing up. I was the weird kid, I was the one you'll find in libraries and in museums. But books opened doors for me. Traveling doesn't really require you to be there physically. It is just funny how people nowadays travel for the sake of social media. There's nothing wrong but let's put our phones down for few minutes and truly experience the moment. Be in the moment. Meet real people and walk the path that many people has taken before you in the past. Remember that you are lucky that you are there. For others like me, I will only read them in books, experience them in our imaginations, and fall in love in places through words. I can't wait to meet everyone who will be coming this coming May 26! Can't wait to listen to your travel stories and to inspire me and other people to hop on a plane and see what you've seen. Let traveling change the way you see the world and not the world sees you. Happy travels and a happy weekend! @travello #meetup #travhellomnl #philippines
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