SHE WANDERED FAR Thu Oct 12 00:17:43 UTC 2017
Samal Island last December 2009. How time flies. I hope tl come back any time soon with my sister. #travellolife #samalisland #davao #photography #itsmorefuninthephilippines 🇵🇭
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Cottnie Thu Oct 12 00:53:08 UTC 2017
Will surely do. Thanks!
SHE WANDERED FAR Thu Oct 12 00:36:03 UTC 2017
Great. Davao is a beautiful place, a balance between progress and nature. Do visit samal island, hagimit falls for instance is a splendid place to unwind.
Cottnie Thu Oct 12 00:21:25 UTC 2017
Planning my trip to Davao. Maybe in June :)