Vineet Kapur Thu May 03 08:30:52 UTC 2018
There's an edge in being a part of Czech Republic and studying in Prague. You get to experience those lively moments which you can never dream of and of course, you'll cherish them for life.! In such a diverse and beautiful country, my brother found out this amazing place by the name of Dolni Morava. Have you ever been walking among the clouds? In Dolní Morava we got this unique opportunity to make our dream come true. Situated at an altitude of over 1,116 m above the sea level, this experience was truly full of adrenaline. From the very top of the Sky Walk, we enjoyed the breathtaking views over the whole massif of Králický Sněžník with the picturesque valley of the Morava river. In the distance, we also got to see the main mountain ridge of Jeseníky, the Suchý vrch and the Krkonoše mountains (the Giant Mountains). Here's a short after-movie of our unforgettable experience of walking in the clouds and of course, reaching until there. Please leave a like if you want to experience the same, comment and tag people whom you want to experience this with or share this video with your friends and add this to your bucket-list! :) #firstpost
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