Husnul Khatimah Wed May 16 03:52:10 UTC 2018
The best feeling... #proudtobeindonesian #lombok #indonesia #traveller #beach #islands #vacation
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Cool Nasur Fri May 25 22:50:23 UTC 2018
Ha ha ๐Ÿ˜€ Where r u from @HusnulKhatimah
Husnul Khatimah Fri May 25 21:10:59 UTC 2018
Thatโ€™s great. Unfortunately I am not :) I just take a short trip to Lombok a few weeks ago
Cool Nasur Wed May 23 09:33:24 UTC 2018
In December I ll visit Lombok again @HusnulKhatimah are you from Lombok
Husnul Khatimah Tue May 22 15:38:28 UTC 2018
This is in Lombok, at Merese Hills ๐Ÿ˜„
Cool Nasur Wed May 16 09:26:18 UTC 2018
Where did you take this pic @HusnulKhatimah