Enrique Riel Wed May 03 17:09:10 UTC 2017
Batanes is indeed Breathtaking! It is located in the northernmost tip of the Philippines. If you're planning to visit the the country, you should schedule your trip to this amazing place ahead. Flights are limited due to crowd control and weather changes. Some of the airlines only fly 3 times a week. Book your tour to surely enjoy every corner of the place. Round trip date cost around $40-50$, you can get an accommodation in les than $20. Tour packages include land and boat transfer and meals. Batanes is truly full of virgin beaches and rich in culture. You will enjoy the place when you stay at least 4 days; tour comes with boat ride apart from land travels. There are cheap hotels around the town of Basco and limited restaurants. Be ready for a simple kind of living which makes the experience extra special. People are generally nice and according to our tour guide, they have zero crime rate. Be sure to gallivant lighthouses since it offers different picturesque view. Another highlight is the Ivatan Village which will let you feel the golden ages of the community. Stone house is one of the highlights of Batanes, it is located in a different island. Those stone houses are made of limestone and corals and cogon grass as their roofing. The traditional house is considered as a heritage treasure of Batanes. It was designed to last storm and strong winds. The oldest house was built in 1887 and still in good shape. For more info you may reach out to my inbox.
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