Jess Wed May 23 07:06:26 UTC 2018
Been working for more than twenty hours every day for the past weeks, had a quiet time over the weekend on the beach and now second day at the hospital! Over fatigue is for real! I really thought I won't be affected as I am still trying to live a healthy lifestyle (other than the sleep deprivation😅😅) I am currently working with our global offices which means meetings at two am, sleep for two to three hours, then mails and calls at four in the morning. I know that we have plans for the TravHelloMNL this coming Saturday but I still have to run some tests this week 😭😭 I owe these five people, drinks on me next time I promise! Have you ever experienced booking a trip on a heart beat? 🤔 I just did! 🤣 When I saw myself on a hospital bed last night, I was like yeah I deserve a break. Took my computer out, not to work. Looked for my card, and without looking at the prices - BOOKED! Good bye savings! At least the company will cover my hospital bills 💪🏽💪🏽 *Disclaimer, I have no plans to kill myself but we are on a transition phase. Welcome to start up life! The thing is, I always believe in our company, and with the people that I work with. If my CEOs work round the clock every day, who am I to complain? Well I actually complain, I complain at things not being done, process not being followed, and left over food. Work is overwhelming yes, but I also get the respect and appreciation from my colleagues which you rarely get in the corporate life.
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Elliot Fri May 25 20:53:50 UTC 2018
@Jess glad to hear you’re ok !