VlaĐedz de Lioncourt Fri May 18 20:15:06 UTC 2018
Second night solo in Bacolod city. I have 2 nights to go. Been around places here. Too bad The Ruins was closed Saturday due to a wedding. I was amazed by the educational tour at May's organic garden today and I went there just asking around and traveling via jeepney. Thanks to my travel buddy, Google maps. Lol. I have many places to go later and my insomnia sucks. Good luck. #soloAdventures #firstpost
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VlaĐedz de Lioncourt Sat May 19 22:41:33 UTC 2018
@NeneGraceHMallorca I'm going to mambukal today. Haven't got much time though, I'll be leaving early morning tomorrow. I only spent 4 nights here. Definitely, I'll be back. I really want to trek Kanlaon with companions that time.
Nene Grace H Mallorca Sat May 19 13:01:14 UTC 2018
Go to Don Salvador or mt kanla oon