Alice Pye Fri Aug 04 10:40:19 UTC 2017
As I've gotten older and travelled more, my kind of souvenir is a piece of jewellery. Something that doesn't take up much space, I can wear everywhere and that holds a very personal meaning. I'm in absolute love with my new @coordinatescollection bracelet! My chosen coordinates point straight to ➸ Brisbane, Australia where there's a certain warmth, golden sunsets and a comfort of certain people, it's where my greatest story begun ♥ ————————————————— If you feel the same way and wouldn't mind wearing a little something sweet on your wrist, I've been fortunate enough to get my hands on a special code 'ALICE15' that will get you 15% off your own gorgeous design. I'm only about sharing brands that are truly unique and that I believe in, that's my honest philosophy. So, happy creating x
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សុីវ សុខះ Wed Aug 16 04:04:23 UTC 2017
Mohamed Hlel Mon Aug 07 21:17:27 UTC 2017
Hi 😁
Monirojjaman Rony Sat Aug 05 12:40:40 UTC 2017
hi howar you
Alice Pye Sat Aug 05 04:24:46 UTC 2017
Haha cute? There's too many places I could have chosen around the world, so, home is the starting point for all those wonderful trips 💫👌🏼
Miles 4 Fri Aug 04 23:00:55 UTC 2017
Good ideas and thinking Alice
Nina- TIL.Co Fri Aug 04 21:45:33 UTC 2017
Naw Brisbane of all places - that's cute