Charlene Nunn Sun Jun 03 13:00:28 UTC 2018
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It's a funny thing when people talk about friends, especially when they have been travelling but I’ve come to realise that when you’re on the road life is a little different to being back home. Now to be clear, when I say the word friends I'm not talking about social media 'friends' who make you feel popular because of the number of likes you get on photos, I am talking about 'real friends', those you interact with on a regular basis, the ones that want to celebrate things with you, ask what you're up to, make you laugh, share ideas, tell you when you're wrong, and listen to all of your stories/problems even when they don't really have the time. It really is amazing how in such a short space of time, travelling has changed my perception on things and most of all, people. When you are on the road you tend to find fellow backpackers are friendly, caring, outgoing and willing to help each other out. They make an effort to keep in touch as they are living their lives in the same care-free manner as you and they have an interest in what you’re doing and where you’re heading to next. The question is whether this is real life or not, as it's hard to understand how someone you met a week or a month ago makes more effort and appears to care more about you than your own friends?! Since travelling I have seen this more and more, not just in my life but in others. From the outside it might seem that travelling is glamorous but it can be hard because with it comes changes in lifestyle and friends, which people may not expect nor be prepared for. I certainly wasn't and although at times it has been rather upsetting and a bit of a kick to my confidence, I now won't allow it to affect me. Before I left back in January, I read many blogs that were written by backpackers who said that travelling changes you as a person and it's true. However, I do not see it as a bad thing as I now have less tolerance for negative people and see that before I left I was busy to really notice it and want to do anything about it. But now I'm not living the same busy lifestyle as I was in London, I have time and as it has affected me, I now see the difference and have learned a few things:Realising who your true friends are is a part of growing up and although it can be tough, it’s something that everyone may experience and should be prepared for (whether travelling or not).Interests and lifestyles change, which can cause you and others to grow apart.It is important to make every effort to appreciate and cherish true friends and family more, because they are the people who matter.Surrounding yourself with friends who are positive, make an effort and make you feel worthy of their time is important.Don't expect too much because expectations can lead to disappointment.I want to highlight that this isn't me being negative, it's just the reality of life and I wanted to write this post because it is something that has upset me and from listening to others, it seems like a common problem so I think some people may relate. If this is something you have gone through or are going through now, do not worry you are not alone and my advice to you is: Focus your energy on the things that make you happy and don't allow people into your life who make you feel worthless. Not everyone will agree or be there when you need them, so just focus on you, continue to do your thing and follow your dreams, because you only get one life and it's too short for regrets! Having spent some time at home with family and friends (even with a few kicks along the way), I feel ready to carry on my adventure and finally make my way to Australia (with a little stop on the way, of course)... and of course I am looking forward to taking you all with me! Next stop: BALI
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Very beautifull
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